Speed Bag Techniques

Speed bags trainingSpeed Bag Training & Techniques

Training on a speed bag has lots of advantages of which improving hand-eye coordination, building speed and agility are some of them.

Provided below are important techniques useful while training on a speed bag.

  • Speed bag should be adjusted to your height and the bottom of the bag should level your chin. Square your body and address the speed bag with both fits up and in front of the face.
  • Hit the lower part of the striking bag with the side of your fist (near your little finger) to perform a backhand punch.
  • The bag will swing back, hit the backboard, come forward, hit the backboard, swing back, and hit the backboard. When the bag comes forward again, strike it with a backhand or straight punch. This may seem tricky at first, but be patient and eventually, you will master the rhythm.
  • Keeping both hands up by the face, repeat striking the bag with the PUNCH-1-2-3 rhythm. Taking the arm through a circular motion, work with one fist, and then the other. Practice hitting the bag with your other hand once you feel comfortable.
  • A lot of patience is required as the speed bag when stroked can go all over the place. So, go in circles and try hitting softer and if you feel the rhythm try hitting harder using both hands.
  • Important thing to note is to try a larger-sized bag or let some air out of the bladder to slow it down if the bag is moving too fast.