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Workouts with Punching Bags

Punching bag workout is gaining popularity and it is considered as an effective exercise to build strength and muscle building with cardio. Punching bag workout serves dual purpose as it is in itself a good exercise as well as a great way to let out frustration. When you start a punching bag workout you will notice your heart getting pumped, muscles toned and improvement in your overall health.Provided below are tips to do an effective workout with punching bag.

  • Start by warming your body and muscles by stretching, bending joints, and doing jumping jacks or jump ropes for about 5-7 minutes. The reason for this is to have a light sweat which is imperative for any sport.
  • Start up by hitting the bag lightly and after sometime throw powerful punches but, always remember to wrap your hands or wear boxing gloves to protect your knuckles.
  • At the same time start moving your feet by bouncing on your toes and swaying side to side to build up endurance and stamina.
  • Start kicking the bag with your legs as it will help develop your leg muscles while punching with hands will build your upper body.
  • Once you are fully warmed up, use the combination of kicking and punching the bag by using short and long jabs, crosses and hooks while alternating your distance from the bag.
  • After a strenuous workout do remember to cool down by doing simple stretching exercise and circling the arms by rotating them at the shoulder.