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Workouts with Punching Bags

Punching bag workout is gaining popularity and it is considered as an effective exercise to build strength and muscle building with cardio. Punching bag workout serves dual purpose as it is in itself a good exercise as well as a great way to let out frustration. When you start a punching bag workout you will notice your heart getting pumped, muscles toned and improvement in your overall health.Provided below are tips to do an effective workout with punching bag.

  • Start by warming your body and muscles by stretching, bending joints, and doing jumping jacks or jump ropes for about 5-7 minutes. The reason for this is to have a light sweat which is imperative for any sport.
  • Start up by hitting the bag lightly and after sometime throw powerful punches but, always remember to wrap your hands or wear boxing gloves to protect your knuckles.
  • At the same time start moving your feet by bouncing on your toes and swaying side to side to build up endurance and stamina.
  • Start kicking the bag with your legs as it will help develop your leg muscles while punching with hands will build your upper body.
  • Once you are fully warmed up, use the combination of kicking and punching the bag by using short and long jabs, crosses and hooks while alternating your distance from the bag.
  • After a strenuous workout do remember to cool down by doing simple stretching exercise and circling the arms by rotating them at the shoulder.

Speed Bag Techniques

Speed bags trainingSpeed Bag Training & Techniques

Training on a speed bag has lots of advantages of which improving hand-eye coordination, building speed and agility are some of them.

Provided below are important techniques useful while training on a speed bag.

  • Speed bag should be adjusted to your height and the bottom of the bag should level your chin. Square your body and address the speed bag with both fits up and in front of the face.
  • Hit the lower part of the striking bag with the side of your fist (near your little finger) to perform a backhand punch.
  • The bag will swing back, hit the backboard, come forward, hit the backboard, swing back, and hit the backboard. When the bag comes forward again, strike it with a backhand or straight punch. This may seem tricky at first, but be patient and eventually, you will master the rhythm.
  • Keeping both hands up by the face, repeat striking the bag with the PUNCH-1-2-3 rhythm. Taking the arm through a circular motion, work with one fist, and then the other. Practice hitting the bag with your other hand once you feel comfortable.
  • A lot of patience is required as the speed bag when stroked can go all over the place. So, go in circles and try hitting softer and if you feel the rhythm try hitting harder using both hands.
  • Important thing to note is to try a larger-sized bag or let some air out of the bladder to slow it down if the bag is moving too fast.

Faq’s of Punching Bags

Faq’s of Punching Bags

Q: What is the History of Punching Bags?
Punching bag or punch-bag is basically a well-built and robust bag used in martial art training, physical exercise and swordplayPunching bags FAQ. It is built by using sturdy material that can bare repeated punches. Professional athletes use them while training for improving physical strength, punching techniques and to gain aerobic fitness. Its history dates back to the times when it was being used for the purpose of military training throughout the world. However, the use of similar gear has been reported in Asian martial arts. In martial arts and similar sports like Muay Thai and Karate various types of gears including standing and heavy apparatus are being used for practicing kicks and improving striking ability.
Q: What are the Materials Used in Manufacturing Punching Bags?
In the past punching bags were being made from kangaroo skin. However, it has been replaced by goat skin and is now used commonly for preparing small punching bags. Besides leather, other durable materials such as canvas and vinyl are also being used extensively. When it comes to filling the gear, various types of materials such as rags, sand, grains and similar materials are being used as well. Some of them also feature an internal bladder which can be filled either with water or air. These gears are either hung from the ceiling or affixed to a stand and are used for practice and training. The reason why high-quality materials are being used in the manufacture is, because it has to bare repeated and constant physical abuse form athletes and trainers without tearing or breaking. It must also bear the impact of blows and at the same time must not cause harm to the trainer.
Q: What are the Different Types of Punching Bag Stands?
Punching bags are available in a wide ranging varieties, same is the case with its stands. In the recent past the only available option was to hang those from the ceiling with the help of hooks and chains, but now-a-days there are different types of stands available on the market which provides a lot of options to the users. Basically there are three types of stands, single station stand, double station stand and three station stand. However, in case you require a customized one according to your needs and requirements, you can get one accordingly. The entire construction process of these stands is simple and if you are a DIY, you can easily prepare one for yourself by following simple guidelines which are available online. Before selecting one, it is advisable to but standard product as it will be durable and will be strong enough to bear the weight and repeated abuse of the punching bag.
Q: How to Buy Cheap Punching Bags?
There are many options available for a person who has decided to buy a cheap punching bag. Basically boxing gears are expensive, but you can still get them at reasonably cheap prices. You can easily buy them at cheap rates and save a lot of money. Firstly, you have to look out for yard sale in your area. This is the best option available and it is quiet possible that you might even find a complete boxing kit along with the bag. Second thing is to search the net. There are numerous sites that sell wide ranging products and equipments at throw away prices. Some of the manufacturing sites also carry clearance sale and sell their goods on heavy discounts. Last place where you can get one of these is a gym or a sporting goods shop which is ether closing or they are getting rid of their old stock. Here, you can definitely get the best bargains.