Heavy Punching Bag

heavy bag Heavy bags are used to practice powerful body punches and are cylindrically shaped, larger in size and suspended in air by chains or ropes. Training on a heavy bag is an all out anaerobic activity which works like an antidote to stress.

If you train rigorously on a heavy bag it will pump you up and help eliminate the metabolic byproducts of stress. You will feel fresh and discover that the tension in your muscles has eased out and there will be an exceptional feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Apart from stress release, all the major muscle groups in your body will be activated.

It is indeed an extraordinary total body workout that helps build functional speed, power, balance, timing and coordination as your arms, shoulders, back, gluteals, hips and legs all work together as you punch the bag. It has to be noted that for speed training the speed bags are recommended.

If you go for the features of a standard heavy punching bag you will notice that it weights around 70-100 pound, made of durable material like leather, vinyl to last long and to endure the rigors of even the toughest gyms. Measures around 14×42 inches and includes a chain attachment for hanging from a heavy bag stand or ceiling attachment.

Punch your way to greater fitness